GlobalPost and the Syrian Electronic Army

sea tweetThis morning I awoke at 7:30, as I usually do, and reached for my phone to make sure I didn’t receive any frantic emails or texts sent in the middle of the night. I had one this morning, from GlobalPost’s Managing Editor Lizzy Tomei, but it wasn’t very frantic. It was sent at 4:22 AM and was as calm as any other email I’d ever received from her.

Hi Jeb,

The SEA appears to be back in our site…

I’m not sure how Lizzy was capable of sending such an email at 4:22 AM. If I had been in the same position, it would have been a bit more frenzied.JEB FUCK THEY’RE BACK WAKE YOU SLEEPY BASTARD

That would have been more like it.

I stand by my reporting and the veracity of the data that was brought to my attention after it was stolen from what I believe to be a server used by the Syrian Electronic Army. I’d like to thank Lizzy Tomei and Thomas Mucha for their poise and grace in the face of such an adventure. I’d also like to thank Kyle Kim and Pete Gelling for their humor and high spirits as well as the entire GlobalPost staff up in yankeeville Boston and around the world for seeing this through.


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