The uprising in Sana’a: updated

Here are important changes to the map of Sana’a’s uprising. Important things to note include the movement of the protest camp outside of the rebel soldier roadblock and out of their sphere of protection. More tanks, troops, and thugs have been deployed along the 60 Meter road as well.

Last night, protesters and local press began reporting that the countdown to the march on the Presidential Palace is on. With this map, you can see just how many tanks and soldiers they will have to pass during this march. By my count, along their way they will pass two water cannon trucks, about 500 CSF soldiers (before reinforcements arrive), 100 Republican Guard soldiers, four camp-loads of baltajiya and four tanks.


One thought on “The uprising in Sana’a: updated

  1. Alf SHokran ya Jeb! So timely, giving presentation tomorrow on current situ in Yemen. Thanks for this in first place and updates-awesome! Keep your head down and the good work coming.

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