Protesters killed in Yemen as government authority wanes

Hundreds of people demonstrate in Yemen's southern Ibb province to show their support after Yemeni security forces shot dead 17 anti-regime demonstrators and wounded scores more on the second day of lethal clashes in Taiz on April 4, 2011. (-/AFP/Getty Images)


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SANAA, Yemen — At least 12 people were killed and scores more injured when Yemen security forces and police in civilian clothes opened fire on anti-government protesters in the southern city of Taiz on Monday.

Raqiqa al-Kuhali, a human rights activist based in Taiz, said that Monday’s violence was similar to the massacre that took place in Sanaa, the country’s capital, on March 18. Snipers killed 52 people during that attack.

“Plainclothes snipers shot at protesters from surrounding rooftops. It’s a tactic that the regime has used before to slaughter anti-government protesters,” she said.

Al-Kuhali also said that heavy .50-caliber machine guns were used to cut down protesters who were marching toward government buildings…


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