Many thanks

I’d like to take the time to thank Gregory Johnsen and Brian O’Neil for mentioning me in their respective blogs, Waq al-Waq and Always Judged Guilty. I’ve been reading Waq al-Waq for years. As a student a few years ago, Waq al-Waq helped me to understand the complex nature of Yemen and the amount of work it takes to even begin to understand this place. To this day, there is no better source for information on the country. Yes, that means if you are reading this blog to find information about Yemen, GO READ WAQ AL-WAQ.

When I saw “Jeb Boone” on Waq al-Waq, I thought my career in Yemen was over. Often, as he should, Mr. Johnsen takes people to task on Yemen. In my case, he actually agreed with me. I was relieved and overjoyed. Brian O’Neil, a former contributor to Waq al-Waq, even said my blog was informative and, in fact, not embarrassing.

The name of my blog, An American Southerner in the Imam’s Mafraj, has a lot to do with similarities between the American South and Yemen (also a spoof on Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court). I also find humor and delight in the fact that a man from rural Gerogia (me) found his way to Yemen. I wrote an article for Yemen Today detailing as much, which can be found here. Its a bit tongue in cheek but I meant everything I wrote.

Thank you again, Gregory and Brian.


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